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How Can People Be Persuaded Easily?

When someone is posted with this question, they would immediately tell that they will be emotionally easy to be persuaded but that’s what we just assume. Human beings are selfish beings.  The only thing they care about would be themselves. They are more self concerned and self catering people. To avoid any misunderstanding and too many difference of opinion and several other ill effects of people thinking as individual beings, they would increase the problems in society, our ancestors asked us to live in groups called clans and families. Thus; that will promote cohabiting and helping others and having tolerant behaviours easily. But, now we are back to the individualistic culture where people care only about themselves. In this stage, if we are going to give them add on families and happiness, it would just an advertisement and nothing more. That advertisement would not influence the person or do the job as it was intended to do.

For example, for people to use these teeth whitening kits, they would probably give an individualistic view of the problem. A person with yellow teeth is being bullied and his or her own parents would not kiss him or her. After using these kits; you will find that people will flock to her or him. Basically what they are doing is, affect the person’s character with some things and give them a lower self esteem. When people feel would do anything to preserve their self esteem, this would include a vast range of stupid things to life threatening things. The concept of self esteem is too deep and can affect and bring about a behavioural change in a human being.

Self esteem and self concept and self confidence are three different categories and words that can be associated to a great extent. Self esteem is your value of yourself which would include the rightness of your choice. You might be a doctor and you may derive your self esteem from being a doctor and being successful. You will be really unpredictable if your source of self esteem is threatened. This is the sole reason behind terrorist being Muslims, mostly. People are just threatening the basis of their religion and they feel threatened. After all we are animals. Self confidence comes from being sure about yourself and your own trust on your abilities. Self concept is another such concept which can be argued to have huge impacts on human behaviour. The self concept is the idea of themselves. For example, a person might be a shy person but if the can think that they are too out going people.