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How To Give Your Hair The Help It Needs

Busy work schedules, complicated daily routines and the need to present yourself well every day definitely has its bad effects. Though time has advanced, and though the world has aged, there’s one problem that women (and even men) all through the ages has faced. No, we’re not talking about keeping a relationship a float (though that too counts!); rather, we’re talking about hair loss and what’s to be done about it. True, it’s possible that women of the before times faced this problem less; as they had the time to take care of their hair and pamper it. Women now a-days are so busy building their empire, and making their mark on this world, that they hardly have time to pamper themselves, let alone their hair.
But even without taking loads of time to pamper yourself, even with all your work and commitments, there are still certain tips you can follow to ensure that your hair is healthy, and the falling of it is minimum.
Use less products, and better quality equipmentSomehow, people are under the impression that hair only behaves well under the influence of the products they put in it. While it’s true that some products do help tame your hair, constant use of it will eventually wear out your hair’s natural protection, leaving it prone to fall off. Try to use good, salon quality products and equipment. If you buy the products and salon equipment wholesale, then the prices for it reduces to an affordable amount.
Change your shampoo and conditionerIf you live and work in a busy part of your country, it’s possible that your hair and skin have to face dust and pollution quite regularly. In this case, there’s no doubt that the said dust and pollution will have ill effects on you. Washing your hair and face regularly helps; but the use of harsh shampoos and conditioners regularly is not a good idea. Experiment with other shampoos and conditioners, and try to buy it whole sale, just like when you buy your salon equipment wholesale.
Give your hair a little love.Today’s women don’t really have time for a daily pampering; but that doesn’t mean you should let go of the pampering all together. Take a little time out from your daily schedule. Give your hair a little well deserved pampering by applying herbal oil in it, and giving it a massage. The massaging will help the oil absorb faster into your hair and pores. This is especially benefiting if you have dull, limp, or frizzy hair that tends to fall out. Wear a cap or a shawl to protect your hair from dust, pollution and the sun as well.

Easy Beauty Hacks To Transform Your Look

When it comes to makeup it should be enjoyable and not exasperating. And yes, you need not fork over a bundle to look pretty. You can try these easy beauty hacks where you need not spend a fortune yet turn up looking beautifully stunning:

• That perfect hair

Each time to get a wonderful hair you need not spend money and visit a parlour. However, if you can attend a professional hair stylist at a certain period of time, it will really be helpful. If your roots are feeling oily and you do not have time for a bath, we have a trick for you. Just take an inch of any talcum powder and then scrunch the fingers all through your hair roots. Whatever oil that is present in the hair will get absorbed by the powder and give you hair quite a mattified look. Visit this link for more info about the hair salon in Randwick.

If you want, you can also consult with hair stylist about the use of talcum powder. Just in case you wish to make your own dry shampoo, all that you need is a bit of cornstarch for tresses that are light colored. If you have darker hair, you can anytime opt for cocoa powder. Then use any of your favorite essential oil and put the mixture of both the ingredients in a salt shaker. Simply shake it to your roots and then scrunch through the tresses. And your job is done!

• Pep up those eyes

If you wish to have wide bright eyes then take a little bit of that shimmery loose powder. Use your pinky finger to the eye shadow and just lightly press it to the inner corner of your eye. Make sure that you opt for a gold toned powder if you have a deeper skin, while if you are light skin toned, then pearl would just work well for you.

• Cat eye perfection

Do you want that ohh-so-gorgeous cat eye that’s winged out? It can’t get easier than this. Rather than picking up that usual eyeliner, go for a calligraphy pen, simply create an outline and start to fill it in. Then, take liquid eyeliner that has a very fine tip, and draw a wing upwards and out from the outer corner of the eye. Now, you need to draw the second line and pull it a little further ahead until you connect it with the first one, just like a triangle! Next, from the inner corner of the eye, draw a line which will follow the curve of your eyelid and then connect it to the initial triangle. After this, all that you would require to do is, fill in the shapes with the liner.

• Heed attention to those lashes

For super lush eyelashes, you sure need a good eyelash curler. However, if you want the best of results, make sure that you heat it just a little bit, before you use it. You can take a blow-dryer and warm your curler for a tad bit of seconds. Now go ahead and curl away!