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Morning Glory

We all have a morning routine we like to stick to and if for some reason we via from it, our day doesn’t seem to go so well. This routine may change over time but most of us will do the same sorts of things with our variations depending on the stages of our lives. When I was a nine-to-five worker, my routine was pretty simple. I got up, showered, changed, had breakfast and left for work, all within a thirty minute timespan. When you have no interruptions or dependents, the mornings are a breeze.

Being at home with the family these days, my routine has changed quite a bit. It sometimes doesn’t run to plan but I try to stick to it as my day does run more smoothly when it does. Once I’m awake or the alarm goes off I do one of two things: off to the gym or I walk the dog. Both get my active and induce a certain amount of sweat while one is always in the dry but the other, I can come back soaking wet. After that, it is feed said dog and get on with the pack lunches. I find being organised the night before helps although I don’t quite do all the work then. I just take my baked goods or rolls out of the freezer so they are ready to put into the lunch boxes the next morning.

It’s onto breakfast for the family. Getting different cereals, making toast, a well-deserved cuppa for me or eggs – whatever is the preferred choice for that morning. I then drive my husband to the station as he’s always running late for the train although he could help out my being a bit more organised himself! Sometimes I fit in some washing up or put a load of washing on depending on the weather and if I can get a load onto the outside line. I then get school clothes organised, pack the school bags and leave the kids to get themselves organised while I head to the sanctuary of our ensuite bathroom. This is now my time … well, for at least the next fifteen minutes. Total luxury but after being up over two hours, fifteen minutes isn’t too much to ask, right? I shower, and spend some time on using my organic hand cream along with my other moringa oleifera Australia to replenish my skin. Then it’s choosing my clothes to wear, bundle the troops into the car and off to school we go. I bet I’m no different to many busy mums out there. We all have a routine that works for us but I find if I don’t have my cup of tea or those really special fifteen minutes each day, I’m not worth knowing for the rest of the day!

Make Sure You Get The Best Wedding Hair And Makeup Stylist

The wedding is one of the most important days in the life of a person. For an average man or a woman the day would not come more than once. Therefore, it is not a surprise that someone would make everything that could possibly be done to make the best of the day. It is so significance that you look your best during this day. You would be happy to know that there are a so many good companies that you may trust when it comes to getting a wedding hair and makeup stylist. They will make sure that you look precious on your special day.

It would be very important to get hold of a good makeup artist. One of the most valuable aspects that you would need to consider is the experience of the artist. An artist has to know a few aspects about doing the makeup in the best way. Not all kinds of makeup would suit your face. It is so significance that the artist understands your face and puts makeup and does your hair in accordance with the kind of personality you have. This would need him to have a lot of experience. Your wedding is a very special day and it would not be wise to trust someone who lacks experience in this field.

There are some other important factors that you have to consider as well. When you are looking for the best services of bridal hair and makeup you have to make more assured that we have a reliabe service provider. The products that are used for the makeup should not affect your skin in any adverse manner. Therefore, you must go for a service provider who has get a honest amount of good name in the market with high standard service over the years. It would be a good idea to go by referrals when it comes to choosing hair stylists.

With a fair amount of research, not only would you get wedding hair stylists but you would also get a lot of options when it comes to wedding hair stylists. However, it would be very important for you to make more assured you get the best service for the best price. It would be very important to compare the prices that are quoted by the different companies in this regard. Try not to settle with a company that charges you higher than the standard rate sin the market.

Why It Is Important To Hire Wedding Makeup Specialist In Sydney

Your wedding day is around the corner and you are wondering whether you should hire a wedding makeup specialist in Sydney. Apart from that you have found the perfect dress, shoes and all wedding accessories that match with the dress. There are numerous benefits that you are going to enjoy if you hire a airbrush makeup at Surfers Paradise. One of the benefits of hiring a wedding specialist is that she will help to complete your look. Wedding makeup specialists have been trained to not only get colors that will look good to you but a look that is going to complement with the style of your dress.

If your dress looks romantic, it is good to look for a softer look. If the dress is unconventional, you will want a makeup style that is going to match with the same description. Special occasion makeup artists understand how various factors will factor your look like lighting and how you appear in photographs. Wedding hair stylist help to save time in the morning. During the wedding day most women are usually excited and they forget about their look. Specialists use products and techniques that help the makeup to stay fresh.

Wedding makeup specialists in Sydney create a polish look that will compliment style of your dress and taste. The specialists understand how things like lighting and photography are going to affect your makeup and they will select products and techniques that will help to improve your personal makeup. Apart from that specialists help to reduce stress because you might be nervous in applying your own makeup. They use techniques that will help in creating a look that is going to stay fresh all day. 

Before hiring a specialist in Sydney, it is vital that you do a lot of research. Go online and look at various magazines as well as pictures of the type of look that you are searching for. Before hiring a specialist in Sydney, do not hire one without looking at his portfolio. You have to look at their work so that you can know the style of application that they use. It is vital that you make sure that they are offering various pictures with brides.

Have a meeting with the specialist. During the meeting ask the specialists what steps they take to keep their hygiene standards high. It is a must for the specialist to wash his hands before touching your face. After the meeting you can schedule a makeup trial. At the trail you are going to see the makeup collection that the specialist provides and you will try various looks before choosing one. At the makeup trial the specialist is going to have a service agreement so that you sign. It is good that you go through the agreement. Ensure that you agree on timings, costs and travel arrangements. You can also find out if they provide makeup artist lessons.

The best wedding makeup specialists are flexible. The specialists will give you consistent look for your bridesmaids. They can also help other members of the wedding who require extra help. Your wedding day is a very important event in your life and most couples start to plan this day early. It is important that you look good during this day and a makeup specialist can help you in achieving this goal.