Risks You Didn’t Even Know About At The Salon


Don’t you just love going to visit your hair stylist? It is the ultimate makeover, and it is only your hair that changes. It seems almost impossible that something as trivial as hair could change how you appear to the outside world so much. You could walk into the hairdresser’s with all sorts of damage having been done to your hair (woe betide you if you have tried cutting it at home), and you will still walk out looking like a vision, provided your hairdresser has those magic hands that so many people don’t in the present day, of course. With the right hairdresser, you can be sure of an amazing experience. However, there is bad out there too. Watch out for these risks:

Shampoo sink scaresWe have all seen the shampoo sink. It is a sink with a depression in it for you to lean your head back and let the hairdresser bath you after having dyed your hair or given it highlights. Almost all hair salons have this sink in their repertoire. However, leaning your neck back in this fashion could lead to some severe permanent nerve damage. The bottom of the depression is padded in a lot of the better salons out there, but most of them are still hard surfaces. Lying back means that your neck’s jugular and carotid arteries will be blocked off due to being trapped between your spinal cord and the sink. This can lead to blood clots in the arteries. If you don’t know the implications of that, think heart attacks and death.

Tools of the tradeEvery time the stylists at hair salons in willetton done their work on your hair, they blow dry it for the full effect. Now, the hot air blowing out of the dryer is hot enough to kill most bacteria in your hair. This means that if your stylist doesn’t sterilize her brushes, you will still be at a very low risk of contracting an illness due to it. However, it is the law in a lot of places to sterilize all equipment before using it on a different person. If this is the case, make sure that you ask your stylist to sterilize their tools before they use it in your hair. The last thing you want is lice.

There are many things that you need to check up on when you go to a hair salon, especially if it is a new place. Make sure you follow as many guidelines as possible to ensure that you have a great overall experience.


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