How To Look Slimmer?

If you’re somebody who is constantly looking for ideas to make yourself look thinner and slimmer, you have come to the right place because the few tips that is provided below will help you look at least a few pounds thinner almost instantly without having to do any exercise or go on an extreme diet.

The right fit

Most women completely underestimate the power of the fit in clothes. Clothing items altogether can make such a drastic change in making a woman look heavier or thinner than before so before you put on a pair of jeans or a dress every day, think about how the structure and the fit of the clothing item makes your body look. Some women who tend to be on the heavier side like to cover up their heavier areas by wearing extremely oversized clothing but this is rookie mistake as oversized clothing only tends to make a person look more heavier. Instead of digging out the baggiest shit in your closet, go for something that is an in between and hugs you perfectly in all the right places.

Change up your locks

It is a common belief that hairstyles and hair makes a huge difference in a person’s appearance. What most stylists and professionals suggest for women who wish to look slimmer from the cut of their hair is highlights and longer hair. Long hair can also be achieved by clip in hair extensions so go into town in search of the best place get hair extensions. It is believed by many that long streaks of highlights in your hair can create the illusion of a longer body and an elongated torso.

Color of clothes

This is a very common rule that most people who wish to appear slimmer seem to follow and surprisingly, it tends to work on most people. The rule is to purchasing clothing items in darker shades as this creates the illusion of a slimmer and toned body.

Use make up

A make-up technique known as contouring has been shocking the world as it has the ability to instantly create more shadows in your face with makeup and create the illusion of the thinner and slimmer face and the same technique can also be carried out on a person’s body to make them appear slimmer but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you want patches of brown on your favorite shirts and dresses. The above mentioned tips are all very useful when it comes to appearing slimmer but the ultimate solution is to get active and lose the weight instead of looking for loopholes to work around.

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