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Choosing The Right Tie

The tie is one of the most deceptively simple clothing accessories that exist. To the uninitiated it’s common to think that just about every tie is just about the same, especially if you aren’t used to wearing or buying them. When you’re growing up ties seem helplessly square but as you move into the adult world and need to wear ties more often it becomes necessary to learn more about these important accessories. Every man should have at least one good tie and the ability to put it on. If you’ve never bought one before or you’re looking to get serious about your next purchase you’ve come to the right article. 

Decide how much you want to spend on ties and the maximum you can pay. People who haven’t bought ties before tend to underestimate how much they can cost. While you can find ties that don’t cost much if you want to get the best look then you should go with something a little nicer than you might prefer to buy. Look at designer ties, they may not look much different from other ties at first but when you feel the material and use them for years to come you will see how they tend to stand up over time rather than falling apart and going out of style like cheaper ties tend to do.

Buy a tie for your body and the outfit you’re planning on wearing. Ties do not exist on their own, like any other fashion accessory they are only truly successful when they fit the overall look and color scheme that you are going for. You might think that if you’re going with the usual black and white approach to your suit color matching isn’t in the cards but you should also think about a tie that matches your eyes or works well with your skin and hair. If possible try on different ties while wearing the shirt and jacket you are planning on wearing.

Think about the occasion you will be wearing the tie for. Generally people think of ties as something stuffy and formal but if you look at the wide range of designs on the market you can actually have a lot of fun buying ties. Whatever your interests or tastes are you can probably find a tie catering to you, but you need to know when to show off your individuality and when to blend in. You may find a tie with a favorite cartoon character on it but unless you work for an animation studio it probably isn’t appropriate to wear for work. The same goes for wedding hair Manly, especially if you aren’t the groom, where you want to play things cool and blend in a little bit more.

Having one tie is absolutely essential and when shopping for your main tie you should aim to be conservative. But once you have that tie you can get a little more adventurous. You can even try other accessories you can hang around your neck that will look good and separate you from the pack. Silk scarves, bow ties and bolo ties can all work if you put enough thought into picking the right item for the occasion and outfit. Whether you’re buying a tie or a scarf you want to look at the bigger picture and do what it takes to find something that looks good to you and the other people who will be looking at you.