• Facial & Skin Care

    Beautifying Yourself The Way You Prefer

    Each and every one of us likes to look beautiful. We admire the beauty of others and envy them at times too. Beauty should first come from within. You need to believe in yourself to begin with. Believing that you are beautiful no matter what is the stepping stone to feeling good and confident about yourself. When you get into this habit you can then look at further measures that you could take to look beautiful. Here are a few ways that’ll help you achieve this. One thing that can be done is laser skin treatment. This is a great way to get rid of scars you have. It is…

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  • Fashion Accessories

    Bring Back The Vamp-Up Postpartum!

    There is no reason why you should not pay attention to your body after you have given birth. Sure, the baby is your number one priority – but you do not need to listen to people who claim that moms that try to vamp-up right after giving birth are too ‘self-centred’. Of course, if you do not want to think about losing weight and want to remain in your sweatpants at home for as long as possible – that is also okay; it is your choice after all. There should be no hard fast rule on what a mom should do after giving birth, except for like, taking care of…