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    Steps For Applying False Eyelashes

    Most of the individuals at present are quite conscious about their appearances. It could be anything regarding their hair, face, body or legs. Therefore, they try out different beauty tips to become fairer, younger or better than others. In the modern era, manufacturers and beauticians have developed and designed many products to achieve these. For instance for facial or skin problems there are laser treatments, for hair fall and others there are tonics or oils. This list keeps extending, as there are many remedies in the market today. While some are born with certain marks or scars, others do not. However, it’s not something that you have to worry about.…

  • Facial & Skin Care

    Alternatives for Having to Apply Make Up Every Day

      Every working woman knows how daunting everyday life can be with having to balance a nine to five job and the many tasks that motherhood brings. With everything that a woman has to do every day, she is unfortunately forced to allocate time before work to put on her make up to make herself presentable for the many meetings she has lined up during the day, one task that every woman wishes she didn’t have to do, and yet knows she has to. Waking up looking amazing Putting on your make up for an occasion is a lot of fun and yet, having to do it routinely, every working…

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