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Steps For Applying False Eyelashes

Most of the individuals at present are quite conscious about their appearances. It could be anything regarding their hair, face, body or legs. Therefore, they try out different beauty tips to become fairer, younger or better than others. In the modern era, manufacturers and beauticians have developed and designed many products to achieve these. For instance for facial or skin problems there are laser treatments, for hair fall and others there are tonics or oils. This list keeps extending, as there are many remedies in the market today. While some are born with certain marks or scars, others do not. However, it’s not something that you have to worry about.

Artificial Eyelashes

All you have to do is, visit a dermatologist or specialist and consult about it. Spend cash on treatment plans and enhance your beauty. One such easy and painless treatment is fixing eyelashes. It’s a feature in the face that draws the attention of many. However, there are many who have few or no lashes and therefore, they resort to using fake or artificial lashes. Some may have nightmares, when they try to paste it. Here are some steps for you to fix it properly that last till the end of the event:

1.    Choose the eyelash

When you visit a store, you would be able to find different types of false eyelashes Sydney. They are available in different lengths and colours such as black or dark brown. Some are purchased, as long strips or individual lashes to fill in spaces. If you choose a full strip lash then, these tips will be helpful.

2.    Apply mascara

Before fixing the fake ones, apply some mascara to your natural lashes. This provides a thicker and firm support for the false ones. Further curling this, will enhance the look on your face and creating a striking impression.

3.    Curl and cut the band

Since the lash you’ve chosen might be a long strip, you should place the strip of your eye. Next, measure it with your hand and trim it according the length of your eye. It is better that you cut it in smaller pieces, so that it doesn’t look smudgy or untidy. Now, curl the false eyelashes to the shape of ‘c’.

4.    Add adhesive

For better results use tweezers to hold them for a while. Apply the glue on the thin band of the lash and let it dry. It takes a while for the adhesive to dry up. With a pair of tweezers, gradually fix the lashes to avoid wrinkling.

5.    Put them on

When you’re fixing these bands or individual sections, be patient and don’t rush it. It will only ruin your look. Stand in front of a clear mirror and fix it slowly. Place it right on top of the base of the natural ones. As a result, no one will even realize that you’ve put on fake lashes. Follow these simple tips and enhance the look and make a statement with your eyes!

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