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Seven Simple Grooming Tips for Men



Personal hygiene is important; people want to be around those who maintain a certain degree of cleanliness and personal hygiene. A well-groomed man who smells as good as he looks is definitely attractive. Here are seven simple tips to help you keep up your well-groomed persona.

Stay Odor Free

Stay odor free all day long by wearing an effective deodorant or antiperspirant that will help keep offensive odors at bay. While deodorants are great at reducing the smells caused by sweat, antiperspirants prevent sweat by drying up perspiration. Find a fragrance that works best for you and wear the right amount of aftershave or cologne instead of overdoing it.

Clean and Cut Nails

Keep your nails short and clean. Long nails tend to collect dirt therefore regularly trim your finger and toenails, preferably after a shower or bath as your nails will be soft enough to trim easily. File your nails to soften the edges and use a hand lotion to prevent cracks and calluses.

Shower and Shave Often

Shower twice daily and after each workout to stay fresh and clean. Wash your head as frequently as possible to keep it clean. Shave regularly or if you are not into the clean-shaven look, use beard soap to keep your beard clean.

Maintain your Hairstyle

Keep your hair neat by trimming your hair every four weeks or so, instead of waiting until you notice the need for a haircut. Find the right products for your hair to maintain your hairstyle such as the right shampoo, gel or wax. If you are unsure of what you should go for, ask your hair stylist or barber.

Brush your Teeth

Oral hygiene is as important as the rest of your physical hygiene so brush your teeth twice-daily using whitening toothpaste. Use a mouthwash every morning after brushing your teeth and floss every night to maintain healthy gums and clean white teeth. A healthy set of teeth and gums contribute to a winning smile and add to your overall confidence.

Wash your Face Daily

Wash your face twice daily using a face wash that best suits your skin type. Avoid using soap, body wash, body gel or body scrubs on your face. While it may be the easier and quicker way of getting out of the bathroom, using products that are not for facial use will only cause dryness and irritation on your skin. The same goes for your facial hair; regular soap may cause dryness and irritation therefore using quality beard soap would be better suited to maintaining clean facial hair.

Add to your Skin Care Products

Just washing your face may not always be enough. Use an exfoliating face scrub regularly, maybe once a week, to unclog pores, brighten your skin and to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. Add both a moisturizer and sun lotion to your skin care products to help take better care of your skin.

Discipline yourself, as a daily hygiene routine is half the work it takes to look your best.


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