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A Beginners Guide To The World Of The Eyelash Extension

Long and beautifully shaped eyelashes have a unique way of enhancing the elegance of your eyes. Cosmetic industries has gained quite popularity from past few decades because of the inventions that comes with excellent benefits.

Just the way you find the hair stylists, make-up artists, fashion designers, etc, with exclusive training in the field, you will also find some of the experienced experts to help you take care of your eyelashes. Such professionals will be trained with eyelash extensions courses and at different level of expertise.

Brief Introduction to the Beginners Course

Eyelash extensions courses start from the scratch. The first step in the beginners training consists of such students with zero experience in this field. If you are interested in joining the course, then the experts will take a pre-course interview over phone. Once you pass the test, you will be then provided with all the necessary materials, which you can thoroughly go through before starting your 5 days training.

Time Table for the Course Completion per Day

The complete syllabus that is included in your course will be divided into 5 days equally. Here is a brief idea about what you will be studying from day 1.

Day 1: Introduction

On the first day of your course, you will be briefed about the eyelash extension types. The experts also teach you about the important things to consider during the procedure, with a demo of live application. The process also includes teaching you about.

• How to prepare your working station in a systematic manner

• Giving importance to hygiene around you

• Things to consider while preparing the area before the eyelash extension procedure,

After these classes, you can start your practice sessions on a mannequin.

Day 2: Following the Theory

The day starts with clearing your doubts regarding any procedure. You can clear all your doubts and queries about any or all the steps by asking questions within the starting 30 mins of the class. The experts will help you with understanding every step by allowing you to practice on the other students. This one-to-one consultation can train you first handed about handling your clients.

Day 3: Practical Sessions

This is the day when you will actually handle few important factors that is required in continuing with the course. The experts will review about your knowledge regarding the product, removal techniques, candidacy, etc, and finalise your interest in the course.

Day 4: Salon Day

You will be performing the complete procedure on the demo models that will be set as the test subjects.

Day 5: Evaluation

As the last day of your course, the final evaluation will be done on your performance. The evaluation includes full-set application and also the follow-ups.

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