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How To Choose The Right Eyelash Extension?

Unfortunately, all women do not have long, beautiful and thick eyelash. Most of them need to depend on mascara to have an extended eyelash. But nowadays it is not a very difficult thing; rather eyelash extension becomes easier through the help of various ways.

Treatments, liquid and with the help of mascara many ladies fulfill their wishes. Eyelash extension is a new thing now. It is a really wonderful method, but the whole process should be completed perfectly or there will be a huge chance of your original eyelash damage. On the other hand, when done properly this extension will help you get a dramatic eye. As with the help of the best eyebrow threader you can give an improved look to your brows making them beautify your look, similarly with the help of the right lash extension you can make your lashes look fab.

There are a few things to consider while having an eyelash extension. You will have this service in many salons or parlours that also offer eyebrow threading. But you should remember that bow threading and lash extensions need skilled hands. Make sure the cosmetologist you have hired is reputed enough and the salon has good reputation for extending eyelash. You need to know the whole process because if you start unknowingly, then it will be a problem latter. On the other if you are well acquainted with the whole process you will be satisfied.

What type of eyelash extension is suitable for me?

In this extension service the eyelashes are usually made by synthetic, silk or mink. But synthetic lash often times begin to damage whereas strip lashes are suitable for long use. It is all about you to decide what kind of hair you want to choose for lashes. What will be suitable for you depends on what kind of lash you already possess. For example, if you have thick and coarse hair, then synthetic eyelash is suitable for you as this type of lash is heavy and that is why natural lash can support it. Also, your skin tone is also a deciding factor to choose the lashes. If one have fair skin, then silk eyelash is perfect for her as it is not heavier than synthetic eyelash. If one wants a natural effect even after wearing false eyelash, then mink eyelash is just accurate for her, because mink eyelash is easily removable and it gives a natural effect. Women who have thick eyelashes can use mink lash instead of synthetic eyelash. This eyelash provides a lady with a soft and fluffy look. One, who does not have minimum eyelash, can use mink eyelash which will give her a wonderful look.

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