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Caring Your Worthy Wig

The solution of hair fall now is at your hand. If you do a survey over the solution of this problem, then you will find several other treatments. Using wig is one of them. Hair wig lasts for a long time than any other synthetic hair. But it depends on how you are caring the wig. Here are some tips which may be helpful for your wig.

Wash it

Before wearing your new wig wash it properly. Do not wear it for a week without washing it. The wigs are made by a lot of chemical processing and in this way most of the chemicals are absorbed through the scalp. However, if you visit a clinic providing hair replacement for women, you can opt for wigs made of human hair which are anytime better than synthetic wigs.

Buy human hairs

Non-Remy human hair is not a high quality product, but it doesn’t mean that it is too bad. Wigs have the maximum chance of getting damaged and it will take place earlier if you do not take care of this regularly. However, human hair wigs are the best solutions to buy. Though it may seem a little costly, but it is worthy to invest wigs in these solutions.

Make sure you can style

Before buying the wig make sure that it can be styled in every way. These wigs do not sell in pre-styled form like synthetics. But most of the time these wigs are sold in pre-permed style. But do not feel heartsick after opening the box, because you can restyle the wig before wearing.

Care it

You will not treat the wig as your human hair. This wig can’t be dyed with chemical color and you can’t give it a look as European hair. Remember, if you want a long wig, then try to moisture it regularly.

Buy a shade darker wig from your skin tone which suits you best. Most of the time, colors of wigs are generally a shade lighter than its natural color. Do not buy a light shaded wig thinking that you will dye it if it looks much lighter. Because most of the wigs can’t be re-dyed as it is made by several others chemicals and if you try to dye over the wigs, then it will not look same. Dye can affect the wigs.

While you are styling the wig, use only ceramic plated heat tools. It is better not to straight the hair after buying, because the wigs are already straightened by the most of the manufacturer companies. And if you re-style the wig, then it can be destroyed the wig.