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Giving Yourself A Brand New Look

We live in a busy world where most young women are too busy working to think about pretty clothes and makeup. This is how it should be. In the past, women were forced to dress up, wear makeup and be well groomed to be considered a “woman” and although this though process is still very much present in this world we live in, fortunately, it is slowly fading away with women becoming more educated and seen for their degrees and their careers rather than their looks. However, at some point, you might feel bored with the way you look and you might want to give yourself a change, a brand new look.

A change brings about confidence

Change in look is often connected to confidence for both men and women. This is why most men and women will usually go out and get themselves a haircut and a brand new hairstyle before starting a new job or just after a bad break up because a change feels good as it brings about a new beginning. A change does not have to mean investing your hard earned money in the best fake eyelashes and in expensive make up. Instead it means getting a new haircut, buying yourself some new clothes, some new shoes and maybe considering a change in your makeup.

Start looking online for ideas for you to try out. You might be able to try changing your hair by curling it or straightening it, if you already have curly hair. Do not waste your money on unnecessary things like cheap false eyelashes because they will make you look cheap and not yourself which can be beside the point of your new makeover.

It would be beneficial for you to go online or watch some videos on YouTube about new makeup techniques you can try. If you are brave enough, you might even want to change the colour of your hair completely to a more radiant, vibrant colour if this would be allowed in your workplace. It would of course depend on the job you do as you cannot colour your hair hot pink if you are a primary school teacher. If you do not have the confidence to go to work with your new look, you can possibly try different styles out, take pictures and send them to a friend to give you an honest opinion. If you do not know much about makeup and makeup techniques, you can go to a department store and the person at the makeup counter will be happy to give you a few tips on how to wear your makeup to look more professional.

Useful Tips On Maintaining The Hygiene Of Your Hand And Nails

The attention that you give to you hygiene will decide on a lot of things about life. You have to make sure that you give 100% attention to your hygiene because if not, the quality of your lifestyle will be significantly decreased. The hygiene of your body is what matters the most and out of that, the hygiene of your hands and nails plays a major role. 

If you do not maintain the hygiene of your hand and nails, you will have to go through a lot of difficulties. Washing your hands and cleaning your nails is one of the most effective ways of staying away from infections. Once you start caring for the hygiene of your hands and nails, the risk of you getting infected by flu, food poisoning and many other sicknesses that can be infected from one person to another. In other words, the way you maintain the hygiene of your hands and nails will not only deicide on your health but also the health of the people that have close associations with you.

Pretty nails

There is not a single lady who is not concerned about her nails. The way you maintain your nails will tell a story about you. Of course, when you have nice nails, you will be able to create a good impression. Clean nails are the best when they are made pretty with nail products.

Taking care of your nails and beautifying your nails will not cost you a much if you buy cheap OPI nail polish. Beautiful and strong nails are the dream of every woman and all your nail goals can be achieved by using the right type of products.

Wash after using the toilet

It is very important that you wash your hands after using the toilet because if not, you may be in the danger of getting infected by dangerous diseases. When washing your hands, you should do it properly to make sure that all of your hand, inside of the nails, fingertips and the thumb is clean. When you know that your hands are clean, you can involve in any kind of an activity without having any kind of worries.

Use gloves when cleaning

If you are cleaning something, it is best that you use gloves to maintain the health of your nails and to make sure that no dirt enters your nails to make them look dirty. Therefore, it is best that you keep gloves at your home or work place.

Theatre: Behind The Scenes


Theatre is probably one of the oldest forms of performance entertainment still prominent in the world today. It has stood the test of time from Ancient Rome to the modern-day, and continues to draw in audiences from far and wide.

One of the most prominent and eye-catching effects in the theatre industry is its stage makeup. Used liberally by makeup artists to bring characters to life, stage makeup is extremely important to theatre, so much so that it is inseparable from theatre itself.

Why they are important to theatre

Professional stage makeup artists are highly sought after for theatre productions. They differ from regular makeup artists, as theatre requires a different style of makeup. It requires exaggerated appearances and styles to ensure that the audience; even those seated furthest away; is able to see the expressions on the actors’ faces clearly and expressively. This is the most important purpose of stage makeup; to make sure that the story being told is conveyed in the best possible manner to the near and far.

Additionally, stage makeup is in itself an art; highly coveted for its own long history. Stage makeup goes back to the ancient times, where Roman amphitheaters showcased actors in roles portraying tragedies or comedies. Makeup, made out of natural materials such as ground tree bark pigments and crushed flowers, were used to show different expressions on the actors’ faces. Male actors portrayed roles exclusively, as women were not allowed to participate. This meant that makeup was heavily used to assist male actors especially when portraying female roles. Evidently, stage makeup has been an important aspect even during theatre performances thousands of years into the past. This means that stage makeup itself is an important part of modern human history, and hence, its current counterpart itself, is an ode to this ancient art.

Finding your own perfect makeup artists

Finding full qualified artists can be as simple as a quick search online for stage makeup artists Melbourne. Most professional makeup artists establish and offer their services online through their websites for ease and convenience of their clients as well as themselves.

This allows them to have an expansive platform to reach more clients. If you are in search of makeup artists that are experienced in stage makeup, for your new play, perhaps, look online and go through the various websites available. You will be able to view their work via pictures of their previous efforts, and get an understanding as to their personal makeup style and manner. This will assist you in finding the most suitable makeup artist for the job.